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SSOCCI 58.3mm Premium Coffee Tamper (Black)

SSOCCI 58.3mm Premium Coffee Tamper (Black)

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✔️ SANDBLAST ALUMINUM - You can Feel the Glossy Design and Excellent Grip with Aluminum of the Hairline Edge and Sandblasting Processing.

✔️ STAINLESS STEEL RING - A Stainless Steel Ring that Strongly Secures the Silicone Insert Ensures Stability During Tamping, and the Tight Tolerances and Precision Machining Creates a Strong Tamping Action that Allows You to Make Each and Every Shot Like it's Your Last.

✔️ SILICON INSERT - The Sleek, Stylish and Comfortable Rubber Finger Protector will Shield Your Fingers from the Surface You're Tamping on. Reducing the Risk of Calluses.Micro-Lip at Edge of Rubber Protects Fingers from Base as Rubber Compresses During Usage and Warm to the Touch and Reduces Finger Fatigue.

✔️ 6-RIPPLE BASE - The Most Vulnerable Density Inside the Basket is the Side. The Circular Groove in the Base Area Weakens the Density of the Center During Tamping and Induces the Flow of Water to Prevent Channeling

✔️ 316 STAINLESS STEEL BASE - Corrosion resistance, high hardness, high toughness and strong oxidation resistance. These are the advantages of 316 stainless steel. It is usually used as a high-end kitchenware and surgical stainless steel Choose to this premium quality material SSOCCI Distributor to ensure your and your family's health.


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