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SSOCCI Milk Frothing Pitcher 16oz (Dark Grey, 16oz/500ml)

SSOCCI Milk Frothing Pitcher 16oz (Dark Grey, 16oz/500ml)

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✔️ ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR PERFECT GRIP - Widened internal space for different grasp habit. And proper thickness and width for better comfort and control.

✔️ LASER WELDED HANDLE - Laser welding provides a stable and complete technique every time,  with fine weld area and completely coupled handle to the  pitcher  without shaking or falling apart.

✔️ SHARP SPOUTED JUGS - Sharp spout allows you to adjust the  flow rate thinly, making it easier  and more effective to help you draw  latte art in the shape you want.It is  suitable for making precise latte art  such as rosettes, swans, and duke.

✔️ DOUBLE-CURVED GROOVES - The double curved guide groove  controls the speed of milk in the  pitcher, which will make it easier for  you to make cappuccino or latte.

✔️ 304 STAINLESS STEEL - Made of high-quality austenitic 304  stainless steel, and we assure you  that this frothing pitcher will not  rust, even if you use it for a few  years, it will not.

✔️ LIFETIME WARRANTY - If You are not Satisfied with our Product 100%, We'll Buy Them Back from You, No Questions asked!



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